Birth of a blog

Hi! :)

It seems that today is high time I begin logging my life: a wonderful autumn day in the southern part of Finland.

There are lots of tutorials how to start running a blog and tons of reasons people do it (one can easily check out the Wikipedia’s article under heading blog for further reading), still, every person has their own motives for blogging. For me one of the reasons to really do this is developing my mind and writing skills. Now, one year after graduating from a university, I´ve noticed that it´s a bit harder to write a one-page text than it was during university years.

WP provides a lengthy list of different blog types. Mine most probably falls under the heading «personal» that includes whatever one can imagine.

The posts will appear in English mostly and also in Russian. If I have the right mood, then also in Finnish :) these are the three languages I use daily, so a bit practice in writing will only do good.

Launching a blog is relatively easy (few clicks and password inventing), the point is not to stop after the first post. Hopefully, it won´t happen with me for I have lots of impressions during the last two months, each of them worth telling about.

Evidently this will do for the very first post in my life :D


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