Travel notes, July’12

Notes from the trip to Germany (Berlin-Hannover), July’12.

Airline companies

Airberlin — everything´s OK, the chocolate after landing is a pleasant addition to your journey

Estonian Air — a nice company with a friendly inboard service, flight attendants speak not only Estonian and English but also Russian. The price of a ticket is fairly affordable.


Hannover Airport

  • no free wi-fi
  • wi-fi is available only in cafes upon condition of  buying something
  • the staff (that time it was staff of  Brussles airlines who served the Estonian air check-in) is slow: had to queue at check-in unfairly long even for business class (all in all waiting almost 2 hours), staff was chatting more than working, unfortunately
  • comfortable connection with the city by S-bahn S5

Tallinn International Airport (Tallinn Lennujaam) — one of the best airports I´ve ever seen

  • free wi-fi available everywhere
  • cafes with really tasty & healthy food
  • Duty free even in area for those who are leaving for non-EU countries
  • unfortunately, no cashpoints at all


Holiday Inn Express City Center West (Berlin):


  • Only 5 minutes to the nearest metro station Wittenbergplatz.
  • Bus 100 (which goes directly to the City center and gives you a nice round-trip) stops almost in front of the hotel on the other side of the road.
  • It´s only 30 minutes trip to the center of Berlin on foot.
  • 5 minutes walk to the nearest DB Call a bike docking station (see below) that is located just in front of the Zoo.


  • The room was really stuffy. We had to keep the conditioner switched on all the time, otherwise there was completely no fresh air even with the window kept open.
  • The pillows are not comfortable at all.
  • Wi-fi is not free

Garni Hotel Reverey (Hannover):


  • The hotel has a perfect location, very close to Hannover city center both on foot and using public transport.
  • The room itself is really posh.
  • The hotel administrators are friendly.
  • The breakfast is nice and what´s more important you can enjoy it in calm because the hotel posseses only 12 rooms.


  • It´s a bit dusty in the room.
  • There´re no enough sockets in the room. Had to turn off the TV completely while charging the phones.
  • The ventilator can be annoying a bit if you decide to visit the bathroom during the night.
  • The door lock can be a real problem if someone lock it from the inside by mistake


DB IC train ticket — buying a train ticket is tricky in Germany. One should keep in mind that if you buy a ticket beforehand (about 3 days before the trip) then you can have it for reduced price and gain quite a sum comparing with normal ticket price. If you buy a ticket with no fixed place — be ready to wander around the train searching for a free place along with all the people who do the same.

DB Call a bike — the best thing invented ever! Good value for money!

  • You pay only 0,08 euros per minute of travelling. We paid 30 euros for 2 bikes for 3 days biking all around Berlin. And it´s totally cheap comparing with the average price of bike rent from a bike renting place (1 bike/day = 12 euros, all the next days  = 10 euros/bike). It would have been 64 euros/2 bikes for 3 days at an average bike renting place VS. 30 euros/2 bikes for 3 days DB Call a bike.
  • You can pause your trip whenever you want.
  • You can use the bike whenever you need it, even at night, whereas the average bike you need to return to the renting place by 8 p.m.
  • Abundant number of docking stations


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